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The CGear Tactical Helimat has been designed and manufactured to quickly and simply solve the problem of ‘Brownout’ on helicopter-landing zones.

The Helimat is easy to deploy, being lightweight and easily transportable. It is also tough and durable. The fabric won’t tear or fray and is impervious to petro-chemicals.

In US Marine Corps trials at NAVAIR Lakehurst, the CGear Tactical Helimat demonstrated not only its ability to eliminate ‘Brownout’ but also its strength and stability on the ground.

The CGear Mat stood fast, even when the Marines attempted to lift and rip apart its patented joining and anchoring systems using a ‘Huey’, a Black Hawk, and a ‘Super Stallion’ . There was no risk of the Helimat being sucked up and tangled in the rotors.

The 100-foot by 100 foot (30.5m x 30.5m) Helimat can be contained in less than 211 cubic feet/6 cubic metres.



The CGear Tactical Helimat provides a stable, safe helipad in conditions made dangerous to man and destructive to machine - by dust and debris, snowfalls, mudslides, and bushfires. In military usage, the Helimat is extremely versatile. You can customise the shape of the CGear Tactical Helimat to suit your requirements, and move it quickly and easily from one task to another.

You can pack up and deploy at Forward Planning and Refuelling Points (FARPS) increasing helicopter ‘time over target’.

You can quickly lay down CGear Tactical Helimat in and around medical and logistical installations and headquarters to

keep dust down.

Tactical Helimat
Tactical Helimat
Tactical Helimat
Tactical Helimat