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The CGear Tactical Extraction Platform was designed for personnel rescue and deployment in extreme and dangerous environments. Originally designed to be used for deployment by helicopters, the Tactical Extraction Platform is now in service in marine rescue and on oil and gas platforms for transference of personnel and cargo.


The innovative, unique design and flexibility in application has seen use of the Tactical Extraction Platform by helicopters in Military, Civil and Emergency services world wide. The Tactical Extraction Platform has been designed for use by a wide range of helicopters and won’t affect the helicopter’s flight performance.


It can be deployed through the helicopter’s trap door, bottom winch or side winch on certified helicopters. The Tactical Extraction Platform was designed to be dropped from a helicopter automatically opening within five seconds of cable tension or manually opened by ground personnel

Compared with current personnel evacuation and deployment methods from helicopters, such as ladders and ropes, allowing evacuation or deployment of a single person at a time, the Tactical Extraction Platform provides the versatility of deployment or evacuation for up to 10 personnel.


The 7m2 platform enables operation in areas with uneven terrain; hills, deserts, urban zones, and also deployment and evacuation from ocean and aquatic environments. The open position of the platform is secured by an automatic locking system while personnel are secured to the platform by safety belts attached to the central pole of the platform.